Licensing Information

Most images in Baz Gallery are available to be licensed for advertising, corporate, editorial use and other creative needs. I hope that these images may assist you in communicating your creative vision and spur interest in your product or service through use in print or online.

Photos included on this web site are, of course, not as sharp as the corresponding images in our library. Images are displayed as thumbnails and preview at low resolution to facilitate quick uploading and viewing.

Prices for the use of stock photographs are based upon the licensee's usage requirement. Discounts are available for multiple uses. For a price quote, please provide the intended use based on the following information:

  • Size of Use: The larger the image is used, the greater the cost. Prices are usually quoted by the page: full page, half page, etc. Pricing depends on the size of the printed usage or size in MB. For example: a 20x30 poster will cost more than an 8x10 poster.

  • Distribution: Distribution in the U.S. will cost less than worldwide distribution.

  • Placement of Image: An interior image will cost less than a cover image if both images are the same size.

  • Circulation: The larger the circulation of the publication, the more the image will cost.

  • Print Run: The larger the print run (posters, postcards, magazines, etc.), the more the image will cost.

  • Exclusive Rights: An exclusive use of an image will cost more. This means no other client will be able to buy and use this image.

  • Non-exclusive Rights: This means that the same image you license may be licensed to another client for the same use or for other uses. The price for non-exclusive use costs less than exclusive rights. Unless otherwise stated in writing, all licenses are for non-exclusive usage. However, we make every effort not to license competing usages.

  • Period of Use: Some clients want to license an image for a specific period of usage. The longer you want to use one of our images, the higher the cost may be.

  • Unlimited Use: Sometimes clients need unlimited usage of an image. This is available; please inquire before you purchase an image.

All Baz Gallery images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without explicit permission. We will take any and all action necessary to protect these rights.